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Thirumoorthi Hill Temple Tiruppur Tamil Nadu

Thirumoorthy Temple  Tiruppur Tamil Nadu is situated at the foot of the Thirumoorthy hills adjoining the Thirumoorthy dam. The scenic beauty of the Anamalai hill range of Western Ghats, includes the cascading water to the Thirumoorthy reservoir from the Panchalingam Falls. A perennial stream flows by the side of the Sri Amalingeswarar temple. The presiding deity is called Amalingeshwara.It is believed that a few thousand years ago Athari Maharishi along with his wife Anushiya devi lived here. Moved by their prayer, Lord Shiva together with Brammah and Vishnu (Thiru Moorthigal) came in disguise to test their devotion. Overwhelmed by their appearance the couple offered them tribute. The Thiru Moorthigal refused to accept their offerings as such and demanded that the offering should be made by Anushiya devi in nudity. She accepted their demand and with her power of devotion she changed the Thiru Moorthi's into 3 years old babies and fed them. On seeing the power of devoting Anushiya devi, the Thiru Moorthi's blessed the couple and hence the place is known as Thiru Moorthi hills. It is an old temple with beautiful setting and some rare sculptures with a spacious front hall.

Thirumoorthi Hill Temple Tiruppur
It is also believed that Jain priests or Samanar lived in the hills when Jainism flourished in Tamil Nadu. The huge rock which is worshiped as Thirumoorthy has a sculpture of a Jain priest. A popular belief is that this rock rolled down from the hills few centuries back during a flood. This is supported by the fact that sculpture is carved upside down on rock top.This is about 20 km from Udumalaipettai.

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