Sunday, 19 August 2012

Muttom Beach Kanyakumari District Tamil Nadu

Muttom  is a big village in Kanyakumari District of the Tamil Nadu.The major occupation of people in Muttom is fishing. Muttom village is attracted by people because of beautiful beaches. More than 100's of people come to beach every day and spending their time on the beach .The famous beach at Muttom is located about 16 kms from Nagercoil and 32 kms from Kanyakumari. Muttom is famous for its beautiful landscaping and high rocks dipping into the sea at the beach-side. The sun set view point at Muttom is one of the most Panoramic view points in the district. Another attraction of Muttom is the century old light-house built by the British. However so far this beautiful beach has always been unsafe for the tourists since the rocks on which tourists go to see the sea view are slippery and a number of fatal accidents have occurred over the past few years.  
Muttom Beach Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu
The district administration, decided to put protective stainless steel fencing across the entire dangerous areas and also to put up small open huts at the rock tops for the tourists to sit and watch the massive sea waves leisurely with protection from sun and rain. The fencing work and the small huts have already been completed to the delight of the tourists who mob the beach in hundreds during week ends. Sitting benches have also been constructed in a circle for the elders to chit-chat, relax and enjoy the sun set.
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