Saturday, 11 August 2012

Kamarasavalli Soundaresvarar Temple District Tamilnadu

Kamarasavalli  Soundaresvarar temple Ariyalur district Tamilnadu with goddess Valambal in this village was built during the period of Sundra Chola in A.D. 962. Local traditions say that it was the place where Rathi did penance and got back her husband Manmatha and hence the village name Kama-rathi-valli. A village called Alagiyamanavalam is located east of this village. It is held that it was named after the beautiful husband of Rathi Alagiyamanavalan (beautiful husband-manmathan.) A beautiful bronze image of Rathi is also preserved in this temple.
Kamarasavalli Soundaresvarar Temple District Tamil Nadu
 Another story preserved  in this temple is that Karkotaka, the serpent King, got relieved of his curse by worshipping Lord Siva in this village and hence the God of the temple is called as Karkodaka Isvaram. A slab with figures depicting this lore is also preserved in this temple. There are more than 40 inscriptions of Chola, Pandya and Hoysala periods in this temple. Inscriptions mention this temple name as Tirunallur Srikoyil Mahadevar, Tirunallurparamesvarar and Tirukkarkotaga Isvarattu Mahadevar. Inscriptions refer to this village as Kamadavallichaturvedi Mangalam a brahmadeya in Mirai kurram. There are beautiful sculptures and bronzes of Chola period in this temple.
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