Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Guindy National Park Chennai Tamil Nadu

Guindy National Park Chennai Tamil Nadu comprising 595 acres, is situated adjacent to Raj Bhavan. It was originally a part of the Governor’s Estate. This is the only National Park in the world to be situated within a Metropolis. It is botanically the only one of its kind to carry even today, vegetation that is truly representative of the natural thorny scrub jungle of southern dry zone. Interspersed with more than 30 trees species that include a number of centuries-old gigantic banyan trees. This park with a network of roads, footpaths, nature trails, lakes and ponds, offers good opportunities for viewing wild life
Guindy Park National Chennai Tamil Nadu
The main attraction of this park is fauna such as the rare Indian Antelope popularly known as the Black Buck found nowhere else in the world. This is also a sanctuary for the endangered animals like the Spotted Deer, White Buck, Bonnet Monkey, Small Indian Civet Cat, Jungle Cat, Jackal, Common Mongoose and the Common Palm Civet Cat. The bird life is also equally interesting. You can see the King Fisher, Blue Jay, Golden Backed Woodpecker, Crow Pheasant, Yellow Wattled Lapwing, Redwattle Lapwing, Blue Faced Malkoha, Shrikes, Koels, Doves, Munias, Parakeets, Grey Partridge, Tailor birds, Robins, Drongos, Quails, Bird of Paradise Flycatcher and the Stone Curlew can be seen here
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